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Sophus Consulting provides information technology and management consulting services to state and local government justice, law enforcement and corporate law firms.

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Our business efforts focus on implementing case and document management systems, BI reporting, inter agency collaborative initiatives and compliance with state and federal performance guidelines.

We also consult to corporate legal departments and law firms providing expert advice, programs and solutions to assist legal staff meet the challenges of implementing new systems and technology.

Ensuring Success
Through Collaboration

Our firm understands that the successful completion of a project or initiative requires a collaborative effort between the consultants, clients and IT support staff. Data and technology are only part of the equation. People play a critical role in the success of project, our experience and professional approach allows us to understand our clients, not just their business or technology requirements. From project inception, Sophus Consulting will work with your team to begin the process of training and knowledge transfer with the specific goal of establishing an internal support team that can ensure the ongoing success of your organization while slowly reducing or eliminating your dependency on outside consultants and vendors.

ProLaw® for

For nearly 20 years, Sophus Consulting has leveraged the feature rich and flexible platform of the ProLaw case management software to address the complex case management, accounting and reporting needs of public sector legal and law enforcement agencies. As the only Elite-ProLaw certified technical and application provider with extensive experience in government, Sophus Consulting’s implementation and technical teams develop solutions that address common government concerns such as limited IT budgets, secure ethical walls between practice areas, government accounting models, and efficient case management workflows, while ensuring effective information tracking and management.

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