Using ProLaw CMS for Collections

ADEC Cost Recovery:  Using ProLaw for Collections

The Alaska Department of Law requested a solution for the cost-recovery (subrogation) efforts it conducts on behalf of the Department of Environmental Conservation (“ADEC”).  The time invested in an on-site ”scoping” session proved invaluable in establishing a strong, foundational understanding of the existing system, the Department’s data integrity needs, the client agency’s objectives, and the manner in which the Department’s professionals were conducting the work to ”get the job done.”

Through a series of meetings with section staff, a review of work processes and product, initial on-site prototype modeling, and subsequent review and testing, our consultants were able to understand what the paralegals required to effectively manage the cost-recovery effort with increased efficiency.  We determined the need to develop a solution to (1) track the workflow process from the point of bill receipt to collection; and (2) improve the ability to identify which liable parties were consistently delinquent.   Their Prolaw case management system provided the perfect features.

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