The Opening Door to Government Transformation

The Opening Door to Government Transformation.

Next month’s elections will bring a lot of new faces to the ranks of government leadership, inspiring hope that this time around something different will take place in our efforts to transform government to be more efficient and effective. This transformation is needed now more than ever: A booming economy does not appear to be on the horizon to swoop to the rescue, so the challenges of tight dollars and expanding citizen needs aren’t going anywhere soon.

These new leaders will face two options: admit defeat and cut, cut, cut, or look at the challenges through a different set of lenses.

As a career business executive and management consultant all too familiar with many cycles of this reality, I know exactly where I would start if I were a newly elected government leader. Just as any successful CEO would do, I would start by getting tightly focused on what matters the most. Here are the first five things I would do to set in motion real government transformation:

1. Establish a clear set of goals with measurable outcomes.

2. Set improvement targets to focus resources and innovation.

3. Launch specific initiatives to make improvements.

4. Define clear ownership and accountability for results.

5. Report results regularly, honestly and publicly.

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