The Bumpy Road to Private Clouds

From CIO Magazine (Bill Claybrook )

Computerworld — When we first heard about cloud computing, public clouds got most of the attention. But as IT managers looked at the security risks of having data outside the corporate firewall, they turned their attention to private clouds, which analysts and various surveys suggest will get more enterprise investment in the next few years.


Pre-Packaged Private Cloud: 4 Questions to Ask
The Case For and Against Private Clouds

But private clouds have their share of challenges too. There are management issues and operational processes to figure out. And, of course, an on-premises private cloud needs to be built internally by IT, which takes time, money and a climb up the learning curve. Indeed, the transition from a traditional data center — even one with some servers virtualized — to a private cloud architecture is no easy task, especially given that the entire data center won’t be cloud-enabled, at least not right away.

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