State of the Union: Public Sector and the Cloud

by -ERP Analyst, Software Advice
January 18, 2012

Within the private sector, Cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are now being adopted aggressively, even by some formerly nay-saying late majority buyers. The public sector, however, has been slow to follow. And it hasn’t helped the Cloud’s case when high-profile municipalities fail in a Cloud deployment. One recent example: the highly publicized plan to roll-out Google Apps throughout Los Angeles, which was scrapped by the LAPD in December.

Is the relationship between the Cloud and public-sector organizations truly oil-and-water? In this post, I explore the issues stifling Cloud adoption in the public sector and highlight strategies for promoting it in one area in particular–procurement–that has a high probability of success.

State of the Union: Public Sector and the Cloud.

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