Sophus’ training consultants can assess your organization’s training needs based on a thorough understanding of your business processes, company culture, and the required outcome as defined by your stakeholders.

IT Training for California State AgenciesWe will structure our delivery to focus on the goals established by your organization and based on the skill levels of your staff.

Our courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of your staff and the priorities of your organization.  The structure of the class is agreed upon in advance to ensure that our staff maximizes existing skill sets and experience.

Once your staff has completed training, it is important to ensure that the knowledge gained is applied and not lost.  Our consultants will provide a comprehensive set of quick reference sheets and on-site support.

The design and management of our training program includes:

  • Understanding business requirements through interviews and data collection
  • Assessing individual skill levels and needs
  • Establishing success criteria
  • Developing a training schedule
  • Taking responsibility for the logistics
  • Developing training materials and handouts
  • Providing qualified, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic trainers
  • Evaluation of services based on student feedback for improvement and incorporation into subsequent trainings