ProLaw® for Government

Public Sector Case Management

Public-sector ProLaw experience

As a Thomson Reuters Elite Services Partner dedicated to the public sector, Sophus Consulting provides ProLaw users with targeted solutions for practice areas ranging from criminal prosecution, public protection, licensing enforcement and human services to records requests, consumer complaints, environmental collections and child protection.

Sophus Consulting uses real-world experience and information technology expertise to help clients solve their business challenges.  With over 10 years of dedicated public-sector ProLaw experience, Sophus Consulting provides our clients with the highest level of quality service in the areas of system configuration, enterprise application architecture, training, SQL programming, legacy data conversions, reports development, and system implementations.

Sophus Consulting’s implementation and technical teams develop solutions that address common government concerns such as limited IT budgets, secure ethical walls between practice areas, government accounting models, and efficient case management workflow, while ensuring effective information tracking and management. Sophus Consulting is not focused just on the technical delivery of  these solutions, but rather advising state agencies on how they can best leverage case management by improving processes, eliminating risk and delivering operational success.

Sophus understands government accounting and budget models and how to integrate workflow and application customizations to ensure that information entered into ProLaw can be leveraged for management reporting, budget change proposals, professional workload, and mandatory compliance reporting.

Sophus Consulting Services Include:


  • Application configuration and design to meet public-sector budget, accounting, and law practice needs
  • Document template development, conversions, Hot Docs integration
  • Requirements analysis and mapping with application functionality
  • Budget, workload, and risk analysis reporting using case management information
  • Workflow diagramming with process, procedure, and protocol development correlating with ProLaw application functionality


  • Database conversions from legacy systems and other file systems
  • Sybase to MSSQL conversions
  • Database troubleshooting, optimization, and tuning
  • Replication and Citrix setup
  • Remote database and system administration support
  • Application development and custom solutions to automate processes and integration between ProLaw and third-party applications, including legacy accounting systems


  • Training for trainers
  • On-site and web-based training
  • Practice or process-specific training material development
  • Budget, workload, and risk analysis reporting using case management data tied to agency budgeting structures
  • Advanced report development using Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Tools, Crystal Reports, and Excel

Management and Budget Reporting

Let us help you develop a strategy to ensure that your organization has a successful ProLaw database implementation.  We accomplish this by making recommendations on hardware requirements and configuration, accessing network capability, database platforms, and licensing of your relational database management system.  If replication is necessary, we will recommend and design the topology that makes the most sense for your organization.

If you have already achieved a successful ProLaw implementation, we can still help your organization utilize ProLaw to its fullest potential.  We will analyze your existing database(s) and make recommendations to better troubleshoot; optimize and tune; and secure and streamline existing procedures, triggers, and ad hoc SQL statements through code review and audits.  We will also recommend, if necessary, beneficial third-party software that will help your organization reach its goals.