Business Intelligence and Reporting

Businesses today need to analyze data from multiple sources, including structured, unstructured, and legacy systems.  For these organizations, a data warehouse is a likely consideration.

business intelligence reportingMost Business Intelligence solutions incorporate a data warehouse or data mart for some or all of their information needs.  With the growing complexity of enterprises and their technical environments, there is an ever increasing need to centralize information into a single location using common terminology and definitions in order to provide a single version of the truth.

Once established, the data warehouse enables easy, low-cost access to mission critical information.

Our Data Warehousing practice includes:

  • Data Profiling and Cleansing
  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Process Implementation
  • On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Mart to Data Warehouse System Development
  • Report Design and Implementation

Our primary tool for the development and reporting of data is Cognos®.  IBM® Cognos®8 BI delivers the complete range of BI capabilities on a single service-oriented architecture (SOA):

  • Provide the capabilities and information you need to make better decisions.
  • Build reports, OLAP cubes, dashboards, and scorecards using all data sources.
  • Use reports, analysis, dashboards, and scorecards to monitor business performance, analyze trends, and measure results.
  • A service-oriented architecture makes it easy to deploy and manage your system.

The IBM® Cognos® 8 BI range includes the following software:

  • Report Studio
    Write and deliver any type of report, adaptable to any data source, quickly and easily.
  • Analysis Studio
    Analyze and report against online analytical processing (OLAP) and dimensionally aware relational sources.
  • PowerPlay
    Analyze and report against online analytical processing (OLAP) and dimensionally aware relational sources using the new IBM Cognos 8 version of PowerPlay Enterprise Server.
  • Metric Studio
    Build scorecards to align teams and tactics with strategy.
  • Data Manager
    Create data warehouses and repositories for reporting, analysis, and performance management.

Crystal Reports

  • Are you experiencing difficulty obtaining useful reports from your business software systems?
  • Is a considerable amount of time spent on creating Excel spreadsheets in order to capture the state of your business?
  • Is it difficult to create meaningful reports from the raw data output from your data sources?
  • Do your business systems have limited or no reporting functionality?

Reporting Solution

Identifying, analyzing, and reporting critical data is essential to your agency’s success.  Gaining insight into ongoing operational status and business planning intelligence is vital in today’s challenging economic environment.  Crystal Reports is the most commonly used report writing application for designing and generating reports from a wide range of sources.

A custom-developed Crystal Report provides a simple, effective way to expose select information from your agency’s data sources to management, employees, and control agencies, in a format that is appropriate and understandable.  Our consulting services can develop the reports that you need to access, analyze, and export this valuable business data.

Example Reports

  • Professional Workload
  • Client Invoicing
  • Summary of Cases Worked
  • Cost of Suit (Case Costs)
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Case Statistics by Legal Practice Area

Data Sources

A report can be developed to extract and analyze data from one or more data sources.  These data sources include:

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MS Access
  • MS Excel
  • ODBC