NIEM emerges as information sharing model — FCW

The National Information Exchange Model is being adopted in a number of fields beyond the justice community, including intelligence, health care and infrastructure protection. When people talk about government successes in information sharing, they inevitably come around to the National Information Exchange Model.NIEM is a seven-year old initiative that provides a platform-independent approach to enabling agencies to exchange data across agency boundaries. The program, originally funded by the Justice Department, began as a way to improve the flow of information among federal, state and local law enforcement-related agencies.But NIEM is now making its presence felt in other fields, including health, cybersecurity and intelligence. And its horizons are still expanding. The NIEM Unified Modeling Language UML, an approach to modeling information exchanges, is now being considered for adoption as an industry standard by the Object Management Group

via NIEM emerges as information sharing model — FCW.

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