California’s CIO Office to be Renamed ‘California Technology Agency’

From Government Technology

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation this week that renames the state’s IT office, extends the agency’s functionality to 2015 and codifies the ongoing IT consolidation in the state’s executive branch.

In addition to the agency’s new name, its top leader — the state CIO — will have the new title of Secretary of California Technology, a change that state CIO Teri Takai said in early September will denote that the agency and its CIO are on equal footing with other state departments.

“This legislation tops a list of strategic changes made to California’s IT program to further improve the state’s IT operations,” Schwarzenegger said in a press release. “This action will strengthen project oversight, increase transparency in spending, promote greater cost savings and define specific targets to reduce energy usage in our IT systems and further consolidate systems.”


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