6 Emerging Technologies and What They Mean to CIOs

6 Emerging Technologies and What They Mean to CIOs.

There’s an App for That State Service

May 23, 2013 By

After a long day of slogging through the woods, Arkansas hunters used to have to check in their game at the nearest mom-and-pop establishment. At the end of the season, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission staff would drive around the state to collect the paperwork.

Times have changed: Now Arkansas hunters can use a Game and Fish Commission app on their smartphones to upload the information immediately, allowing the state to enforce hunting regulations and manage game populations in real time.

There’s an App for That State Service.

Business continuity: It begins with a plan

If the unthinkable were to occur and your agency had to continue providing essential services and performing essential activities, would you know what to do and where to go? 

Business continuity: It begins with a plan — FCW.

6 Trends in the Next Generation of Government

May 22, 2013 By

The next generation of government leaders is coming. With the retirement tsunami finally beginning, more and more government agencies are seeing their generation X and Y employees move into leadership roles.

So what are these young leaders passionate about? What inspires them, and where are they interested in making changes?

Luckily for you, I have some answers.

6 Trends in the Next Generation of Government.

Harris Pushes Mobile App Privacy

April 10, 2013 By Rachelle Chong

Today, at a San Francisco workshop on “The Future of Privacy + Innovation in California: A Workshop for App Developers,” California Attorney General AG Kamala Harris offered praise to big platforms for mobile applications like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft and RIM, who participated in and agreed to a joint statement of principles on consumer privacy. At the same time, she warned companies with mobile sites like Delta Airlines, who failed to comply with California law requiring privacy notices in its applications despite receiving a warning letter with a 30-day cure period. In December 2012, the California Attorney General sued Delta Airlines for failing to include privacy notices in its mobile apps.This self-acknowledged “carrot and stick approach” is deliberate, according to Harris keynote remarks today. The AG went to great lengths to pr

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3 Forces Hindering Public-Sector Collaboration

April 4, 2013 By

In a time when the public sector must do more with ever-tightening budgets, collaboration is imperative. And as shown by a 2012 GovDelivery poll, 96 percent of public-sector employees said they believed that stronger relationships with consultants, other agencies and the public would be beneficial to their own agencies.

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Sequester Cuts at Justice Department Threaten Local Drug Investigations

April 2, 2013 By

State and local drug enforcement partnerships, heavily reliant on federal grants that have been shrinking for years, were teetering on the brink of extinction even before the recent round of automatic spending cuts known as the sequester. Now the latest cuts are threatening to push them over the cliff.

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Latest Services Partner Sophus Consulting Optimizes Client ProLaw Strategy

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 2, 2013 – Thomson Reuters Elite™ today announced a new Services partnership with Sophus Consulting to leverage the functionality and flexibility of ProLaw® to meet the specific requirements of clients in the government legal industry. Sophus Consulting provides ProLaw consulting services to public sector clients, with services spanning the system implementation lifecycle from vision through architecture, design and change management to post-implementation monitoring and support.


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Texas Lassos Office 365

The state of Texas has struck a deal with Microsoft to make the vendor’s cloud-based Office 365 applications available to more than 100,000 state employees.

The deal calls for Microsoft to provide email, collaboration, web conferencing and document and calendar sharing to Texas state agencies, as well as to municipal and county government. Microsoft called the agreement the largest statewide deployment of email and collaboration services to date.

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IT skills needed for virtualization are familiar but different

When it comes to the skills needed for virtualization, traditional skills developed for the physical infrastructure may only be the beginning. Users and other program leaders need to be in on the conversation from the beginning. As complexity increases, “virtualization architects” who understand all the nuances may be needed

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