Our Consultants

Each of our consultants brings a unique background, set of skills, and range of experience.

California government technology consultantsWe match the skills and experience of our staff with the specific needs of the client. However, our consultants share these characteristics:

  • Integrity
  • Business acumen coupled with real-world experience
  • Imagination and innovation, enabling them to think laterally and progressively
  • Proven experience in one or more business or technical fields
  • Energy and determination to complete assignments and meet project objectives
  • Clear communication and effective management of information
  • The ability to apply industry best practices to all engagements

Sophus’ consultants use the following principles to guide their work with public-sector change efforts:

  • Understanding the history and relationship of the stakeholders and the organization
  • Development of a process to define common ground and mutual goals among the stakeholders
  • Development of participatory processes for change that facilitate buy-in and commitment from staff
  • Use of technology to enhance and ensure collaboration among stakeholders and project teams