Our Clients

Listed below are some of our clients and a description of the work we have completed for them as government technology consultants.

California Department of Justice

California Department of Justice

  • ProLaw implementation and upgrade for 2500 users across 11 cities
  • Training and development of custom reference materials
  • Word Processor upgrade
  • Cognos Business Intelligence Reporting implementation and upgrade
  • Legal practice work flow documentation
  • Developed professional fees analysis tool which allowed Budget Office to develop accurate department budgets based on general versus special fund services
  • Enabled implementation of zero-based budget methodology by developing analytics and reporting tools to accurately capture historical and real time legal fees/costs processing
  • Vertical Prosecution Initiative with Medical Board of California

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Alaska Department of Law

Alaska Department of Law

  • ProLaw implementation for 350 users across six cities
  • Oracle to MSSQL database conversions
  • Developed customized billing procedures and processes that follow state budgeting guidelines
  • Developed application which allows integration of AK State Accounting System cost and vendor tracking with case management system
  • Contract tracking and collections
  • Implemented consumer complaints and PRA tracking mechanisms using CMS

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California Public Employees Retirement System


  • ProLaw implementation
  • Developed custom triggers for auto-population of custom tabs with case event information
  • Training and training development

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Sacramento City Attorney

  • ProLaw upgrade
  • Training and development of custom reference materials
  • Developed customized billing process and invoicing that allows budgeting with city departments

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New Hampshire Department of Justice

  • System review and recommendations aligning business requirements with CMS configuration

Phoenix City Attorney

  • ProLaw upgrade
  • Training and reference materials development
  • Script development and document management system integration
  • General Case Management System Consulting
State of Idaho

Idaho Office of the Attorney General

  • Requirements analysis
  • Time Matters Pilot implementation
  • Development of training and reference materials
  • General Case Management System consulting
Mobile County Alabama

Mobile County, Alabama

  • ProLaw implementation
  • Training and training development
  • Customized document templates

California Department of Transportation

  • Digitization of legacy project and construction records to integrate with statewide GIS

Colorado Department of Law

  • ProLaw accounting and case management implementation
  • Developed billing mechanism to migrate department off of legacyElite timekeeping system

Vermont Attorney General’s Office

  • Implementation of LawManager Case Management System
  • Consolidation of systems for state agencies including the Departments of Transportation, Tax, Mental Health, Corrections and Human Services


  • ProLaw Upgrades and Customizations

Pinellas County

  • ProLaw Implementation

County of Riverside County Counsel

  • ProLaw Implementation

Missouri Office of Administrative Hearings

  • ProLaw Implementation