4 Major Steps to Transform the Country Using Data Analytics

October 8, 2010 By Sam Palmisano

We all know about the fiscal crisis in our states. America’s states have all of the costs and problems of the present recession, and none of the monetary tools available to the federal government to address them. Some have even called our country “the broken states of America.”

But I believe that the state is the best place to change the game. It’s at the state level that many of the systems we depend on as citizens and businesses come together. By tackling these systems in a unified way — by making them smarter — we not only repair what’s broken, but also prepare for the new global economy that lies on the other side of the current economic crisis.

“Smarter” means using the abundant and affordable technology that’s available. Through these new capabilities, we can transform everything from physical infrastructure, like roadways and power grids, to complex services, like health care and crime fighting.

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