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Sophus Consulting is dedicated to public-sector consulting. We provide expert advice, programs, and solutions to state and local governments.

Our primary focus is on helping clients meet the challenges associated with Government 2.0 through automation, green technology, and improved customer service.

Sophus Consulting is dedicated to public-sector consulting

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Today’s public-sector landscape presents organizations with a set of challenges never experienced before.

Government agencies are faced with budget constraints, aging technology, and a workforce majority who, according to commonly accepted wisdom, will be eligible for retirement in the next five years.

As a strategic partner, Sophus Consulting strives to help government agencies meet these challenges.

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A Committed Allegiance

Sophus Consulting has an unsurpassed dedication to the function of government and the employees who make it work. We recognize the every day, unsung heroes who keep the cogs turning – often with outdated systems or processes. We are committed to simplifying processes, consulting and assisting through technological upgrades and in equipping staff to make successful transitions while keeping the wheels of government turning. Our founding principle is Integrity. It’s in our name, it’s our creed and it’s our commitment to our clients.

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ProLaw® for Government

As states, counties and cities continue to grapple with budget shortfalls and declining revenue, it is more important than ever for public-funded agencies to produce reliable workload data and leverage their existing technologies to the fullest. Our work with other government ProLaw users has resulted in prevention of layoffs, additional funding for staff or technical positions, increased percentage of approved budget change proposals, and real-time correlation of professional time tracking integrated with accounting systems and budgetary objectives.

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